03 August 2012

Sunshine Shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe.

Yes, you guessed right, my item from Indulge Clothing Boutique was a pair of shoes, and not just any shoes; these shoes are the kind that scream attention, demand it in fact!

From Indulge Clothing, I had in fact received a pair of fluro yellow heels by Verali. FLURO YELLOW! Not necessarily a colour I would usually go for, but I was willing to give it a go…you only live once right!
Flipping through my wardrobe, I thought what on Earth would I pair with these shoes. My own wardrobe consists of basic staples, pretty florals, vintage pastels and anything that somewhat resembles something Grace, Marilyn or Audrey would have worn on occasion.
Take a look for yourself and let me know your thoughts:

My rules for anything bright or full on, is to not overdo it in other areas. I teamed the shoes with a mini dark navy blue polka dot skirt by Dollhouse, a plain white singlet and black cropped Bardot Blazer, with a small clutch bag…perfect for a night out!

I wouldn’t call these shoes investment pieces, but they definitely will brighten up a winter wardrobe. I don’t see this an been an everlasting trend, perhaps maybe for Spring and Summer 12, its quite big now thanks to designers such as Ralph Lauren, Prada and D&G, so why not give it a go…if your feeling brave enough.


06 December 2010

I don't know who invented high heels...but all women owe him alot" - Marilyn Monroe

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES - Who doesn't love shoes? Below is a list of the must have shoes.

The Wedge: Probably the hardest shoe to pull off after the t-bar (due to it cutting you off at the ankle) - buy a cheap, nasty pair and they'll look, well kind of gross. The best buy in a wedge shoe is neutral or brown colours. I'm a bit wary of them in black; although RMK do have a nice pair out for 2010.  They are a great summer edition and are a must for any boho chick.

Where to buy: RMK (available online at http://www.rmkshoes.com.au/) or in NZ at Hannahs stores nationwide), Wild Pair, Mi Piaci, Overland

RMK 'Alexa' Black Suede Wedge $159.95

Repulic Wedge from Wild Pair $149.90

Overland 'Ursula' Wedge $179.90

Heels: My wardrobe consist of about 15 pairs of heels. I like to wear heel that are 5" plus higher. Yes it can sometimes be uncomfortable - but not if your wearing a good pair and have invested in some Scholl's Party Feet. The ultimate King of high heels is Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo - of course I can't yet afford a pair of these but maybe one day. For now I love Siren Heels (http://www.sirenshoes.com.au/) which can also be found at Wild Pair. The best online store for heels would have to be http://www.peeptoeshoes.com.au/

Peeptoe Shoes 'Miss Alta' $275.00

Siren Shoes 'Taylor' Heel

Jandals: A kiwi calssic (or thongs as the Aussies call them) - you can't go wrong with a pair of jandals (or 5 or 10 pairs :p). A lot of people love Havianas - I'm not that keen on them personally; I don't think they are any less comfy than a pair you can get at The Warehouse. My favs are actually from Cotton On and cost me $5!!! Bargain! At that price you can buy them in every colour. Billabong also do a great range of jandals every season with embellishments and they also have the best sandals around.

02 December 2010

Further investments

The Skirt - Perfect for when you want to look girly and a great investment as they are so versatile - wear a skirt with flats and t-shirts for a casual look, or pair wit a floaty top and heels for a night out. You can find a great skirt from any chain store. Check out these sites for the latest ranges:
* Dotti (http://www.dotti.co.nz/)
*Lippy (http://www.lippy.co.nz/)
*Wild Pair (http://www.wildpair.co.nz/)
*Glassons (http://www.glassons.co.nz/)

The Blazer - I wear my black blazer alot. Its a great piece that puts an outfit together and is great for when you have job interviews for looking polished. I know Portmans always stocks a great range of corporate wear and their blazers are always made well (http://www.portmans.com.au/)

White and Black Tops - Simple? Yes. But do I need to explain? No! Where would you be without the black or white t-shirt. There always great to team with jeans, shorts, and colourful skirts. The only issue here is getting one that isn't too flimsy and see through (nothing worse) or too thick and badly made (too gross for summer). I've found cheap yet reliable and well made tees from Glassons, Jeanswest and Dotti.

The Cardigan - So many options - baggy, cropped, fittesd, wool, cashmere, sheer. The Cardigan can instantly change an outfit and can add a preppy edge to your ensemble. Always great to have on you when the weather cools down. The best investment when buying a cardigan would be to buy cashmere - yes this is expensive but it is a worthwhile investment as the material is beautiful and will last. However, if your looking for a cheaper version try any chain store at your local mall; theres endless options.

Jean Genie

Perhaps the hardest item to find that fits perfectly is the denim pant aka the jean! A great investment if you find a great pair; but to be honest it is hard to find that great pair. But alas that is why I am here to tell you what brands rock, where to shop and which brands suck and not where to shop. You should definately spend a whole day trying on different jeans at different stores to a feel for what you like and what suits you.

For more indepth info about finding the perfect pair check out:

The lowdown on the types of jeans:

SKINNY: Are great for having as a dressier pair of jeans or even casual. Team them with peep toe heels for instant glam or dress them down with ballet flats just like Sienna Miller and Lauren Conrad love to do. Petite girls should always go for a pair of skinnys but thats not to say that other body shapes cannot pull them off as well. I am petite but look better in bootcut as I have curvier hips and thighs than the rest of my body. Again as I said before its about finding a pair that looks good on you and that you feel comfortable in. I've never been one to follow the whole Pear shapes should wear this, Apple shapes should wear that craze; because when it comes down to it all body shapes are different you can't confine someone to been a Pear or an Apple!

(Lauren Conrad rocks a pair of dark skinny jeans teamed with ballet flats - love the blazer and Chanel as it gives the look a touch of glam)

(Nicole Richie rocks bright red heels with her dark skinnys teamed with a floral boho blouse)

STRAIGHT LEG: The most versatile style and very flattering and are a great match when wearing flat shoes including Converse for example.

BOOTCUT: Great for girls that are curvier through the top half of their legs and on the waist/hips - these are my fav style and Wrangler always has the best Bootcut Jeans out.

(Heroes star Hayden rocks a pair of Bootleg Jeans with a lighter denim jacket - sometimes denim on denim does not work but here I think it does)

WIDELEG: Can be super flattering - you just have to make sure that they are cut higher at the back when going for a pair of Wideleg Jeans.

If your looking for a jeans that are resonably priced here are the places to shop:
*Jeanswest (http://www.jeanswest.co.nz/) - they have a fashion range and a daily denim range
*Just Jeans (http://www.justjeans.co.nz/) - stockists of their own label, Lee and Levis; your bound to find something here
*Wild Pair (http://www.wildpair.co.nz/) - stockists of Lee's latest styles; great if your the kinda girl that loves jeans and loves to try out different looks
*North Beach - stockists of about every brand you can think of - Billabong, Roxy, Ripcurl (great for the relaxed styles) Wrangler (best in Bootcut and Flares) and Lee (always top in the Skinnys style)

It's All White

Second on my list after the LBD is the crisp white shirt - a definate wardrobe staple. It looks great on everyone and every skin tone. There is heaps of differing versions out there; your sure to find your perfect fit. Theres so many stores out there that offer great white shirts; try Portmans (http://www.portmans.com.au/), Max (http://www.maxshop.com/), even Farmers (http://www.farmers.co.nz/)  have some great stuff. Or if your wanting something a bit quirky and uniquely NZ try Trelise Cooper (http://www.trelisecooper.com/) ; her designs are beautiful, unique, yet timeless.

(Audrey Hepburn - one of the first to pioneer the look of the man's classic white shirt - a look that has stood the test of time and which always will)

(Celebs and models alike know that the white shirt is a staple piece that can take you from work, to after dinner drinks and it even works for a night out)

(Trelise Cooper creamed white shirt with ruffle detailing - beautiful and unique; great for the creative girl)

01 December 2010


The following items I will list in the next few days are ones every girl should have in her wardrobe...they are the reliable pieces, the depenable pieces and the pieces that will always stand the test of time:

Number 1 on my list if the LBD. Why? Because it is just so versatile. Dress it up or dress it down! Great for work, a date or a party - the LBD will never fail you. It was inveneted by the late Coco Chanel and has now been around for over a century. With so many variations by designers and chain stores your bound to find the perfect LBD for you. And you don't only have to have one - I own two; a bandage style LBD from Lippy and a tight rouched LBD from Glassons which only cost me $40 and makes me feel like Marliyn Monroe when I wear it.

So where do you find this LBD?

Simple and understated - Glassons offers a few differing variations on the LBD and all at great prices . You can find every style there from boho to glam back to casual chic. Check out http://www.glassons.com/

Chic and glamorous - Lippy has always been my go-to store for great party dresses and the LBD's on offer never dissapoint.  Having worked there full time back in the day I can tell you that new stock rolls in weekly over the Spring/Summer period arriving on Thursdays/Fridays with the occassional stuff from Dollhouse and IDS arriving on a Monday. Other brands stocked include Wish, Bardot, Saint James and my all time fav Ladakh. Check out http://www.lippy.co.nz/ (you can even buy online which makes it great for girls who live out of town).

Every girl has a different style - heres how to accessorise your LBD to make it your own:

BOHO: wedges, vintage look chandelier earrings, hobo bag, denim jacket, wavy hair with braid, minimal makeup

(the jewellery, embellished flats, hobo tote and natural hair teamed with the cutout detailing on the dress give this model a very bohemian look)

CLASSIC: Black pumps, clutch, diamante jewellery, red nails, up do, light makeup with red lips

(Classi boat neck dress - inspired by Audrey Hepburn, peep toe heels, minimal jewellery and classic hair = a classic look which is great for day and night)

PREPPY: Black crop cardi, t-bar heels, pearls, hair in bun or super sleek and styled like Michelle Obama (pictured)

(Michelle's cropped cardi, sleek hair, pearlised bangle and 50's tulle skirt on the dress gives her a very beautiful preppy look)

CASUAL: Flats or boots, cardigan or jacket, minimal makeup and natural hair, mens style watch

(Look great in a black jersey dress - Rachel Bilson keeps in casual with a brown tote, Ray Ban's and flats - great for a day out in the sun)

CREATIVE: Embellished broch, colourful heels, waist belt, messy hair or hair with an avant garde twist

(From the dress to the shoes, the waist belt and the lace glove, down to the messy hair - this model looks great in this cerative LBD ensemble - definately unqiue and something you should try if your feeling like a change - another way to update your dress is with ribbons, lace, buttons and sequins - search the net and great creative; its great having a piece that no one else has)

EDGY: Leather jacket, black nail polish, statement heels

(Check out the stylish Vanessa Hudgens in statement heels, a sparkly LBD, leather jacke and slicked back hair - very rock chick)

30 November 2010

Can't Buy Me Style

"Fahion can be bought - style one must possess" - Edna Woolman Chase.

Where to start???

Lets begin with editing the wardrobe eekk - If its anything like mine used to be theres so much stuff you just don't know where to begin:

1. Its harsh but true - You've just got to throw out what you don't wear, well not neccesarily throw into the rubbish bin thats kind of a waste. Load it up on trademe.co.nz. I once made $200 in a week selling off items I would never wear again. If they don't sell take them to your local Salvation Army.

2.Buy the right size - DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy anything too small because it is going to somehow inspire you to lose weight. I hear it rarely happens. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Buy it in the right size and you can wear it straight away.

3. Sale stuff - You know who you are...you see the rack of clothes all $20 and you buy a whole heap spending a total of $100. 6 months later AND... the items are still sitting in your wardrobe with the tags attached UNWORN - suprise, suprise. Would it not have been better to buy 1 item at $100 that you will wear.

4. Black can be boring - Don't have a closet full of black - its boring, it pretty much says "Hi I'm _______ and I'm no fun" (well pretty much). If your not into full on colour incorporate a colourful necklace or a pair of statement heels to your ensemble for a bit of wow factor.