30 November 2010

Can't Buy Me Style

"Fahion can be bought - style one must possess" - Edna Woolman Chase.

Where to start???

Lets begin with editing the wardrobe eekk - If its anything like mine used to be theres so much stuff you just don't know where to begin:

1. Its harsh but true - You've just got to throw out what you don't wear, well not neccesarily throw into the rubbish bin thats kind of a waste. Load it up on trademe.co.nz. I once made $200 in a week selling off items I would never wear again. If they don't sell take them to your local Salvation Army.

2.Buy the right size - DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy anything too small because it is going to somehow inspire you to lose weight. I hear it rarely happens. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Buy it in the right size and you can wear it straight away.

3. Sale stuff - You know who you are...you see the rack of clothes all $20 and you buy a whole heap spending a total of $100. 6 months later AND... the items are still sitting in your wardrobe with the tags attached UNWORN - suprise, suprise. Would it not have been better to buy 1 item at $100 that you will wear.

4. Black can be boring - Don't have a closet full of black - its boring, it pretty much says "Hi I'm _______ and I'm no fun" (well pretty much). If your not into full on colour incorporate a colourful necklace or a pair of statement heels to your ensemble for a bit of wow factor.

Be Inspired

Where does my inspiration come from?
My love for style started back in 2005 - I became obssessed with BOHO - all thanks to Sienna Miller. It was a look I loved and still love to this day - flowy skirts, maxi dresses, chandelier earrings, scarfs etc. Although more so today its more refined and lady like inspired by Marilyn Monroe and newcomer Actress Carey Mulligan - now its a bit of boho mized with floral, broches and pearls (a weird combo yes - but its my style and its what I like).

I have one rule that matters most when it comes to dressing and that's always stay classy!

Where can you find inspiration?
Inspiration cane be found everywhere and anywhere - the street, the mall, magazines, books, the movies, the lady walking down the street! When it comes to emulating a celebrity style its a good idea to choose one whose figure resembles yours. Inspiration boards are also a great idea.

*Don't follow trends - its lame and boring (and you don't want to be either of those)
*Work with what you've got
*Invest in key pieces
*Invest in great shoes
*And again invest in great accessories
*Its not about $$$ - you can look a million dollars in a $10 dress its all about knowing how to work it
*Fashion is fun and the rules are made to be broken

13 November 2010

Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal

To say I love FASHION, BEAUTY and STYLE is an understatement, that's why I have decided to start writing a blog and who knows maybe one day I'll have my own business (hopefully in the area of botique clothing and homewares) and a published book for kiwi girls of all ages (a girl can dream). I'm sure a few of you that know me are sitting there thinking "what makes you qualified to write about this"? - Well I say what makes you qualified to say that I am not qualified (confused much :p) but I believe if your passionate about something your sure to know a thing or two and coming from a background of retail, pageants and modelling (and no I am not a model) I have learnt a few things over the years not to mention the fact that if you were to come over to my house in my room you would find not only an extensive wardrobe, accessories and beauty collection but a library of books and magazines all dedicated to the subject of fashion, beauty and style. I hope that by creating this blog I can focus on helping people how to create certain looks, where to seek inspiration and where to shop, all the while keeping this blog featuring fashion, beauty and style accessible in New Zealand (with the occassional online shopping feature). I guess thats where this idea started - reading the latest offering from Nina Garcia "The Style Strategy" (it is a great book, all of hers are) I found that none of the clothing stores listed in the book were available for us kiwi girls in NZ and I felt I couldn't really relate to everything in the book when it came to that. So here begins my blog - stay tuned for updates...

Peace, Love, Fashion, Beauty, Style