30 November 2010

Be Inspired

Where does my inspiration come from?
My love for style started back in 2005 - I became obssessed with BOHO - all thanks to Sienna Miller. It was a look I loved and still love to this day - flowy skirts, maxi dresses, chandelier earrings, scarfs etc. Although more so today its more refined and lady like inspired by Marilyn Monroe and newcomer Actress Carey Mulligan - now its a bit of boho mized with floral, broches and pearls (a weird combo yes - but its my style and its what I like).

I have one rule that matters most when it comes to dressing and that's always stay classy!

Where can you find inspiration?
Inspiration cane be found everywhere and anywhere - the street, the mall, magazines, books, the movies, the lady walking down the street! When it comes to emulating a celebrity style its a good idea to choose one whose figure resembles yours. Inspiration boards are also a great idea.

*Don't follow trends - its lame and boring (and you don't want to be either of those)
*Work with what you've got
*Invest in key pieces
*Invest in great shoes
*And again invest in great accessories
*Its not about $$$ - you can look a million dollars in a $10 dress its all about knowing how to work it
*Fashion is fun and the rules are made to be broken

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