30 November 2010

Can't Buy Me Style

"Fahion can be bought - style one must possess" - Edna Woolman Chase.

Where to start???

Lets begin with editing the wardrobe eekk - If its anything like mine used to be theres so much stuff you just don't know where to begin:

1. Its harsh but true - You've just got to throw out what you don't wear, well not neccesarily throw into the rubbish bin thats kind of a waste. Load it up on trademe.co.nz. I once made $200 in a week selling off items I would never wear again. If they don't sell take them to your local Salvation Army.

2.Buy the right size - DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy anything too small because it is going to somehow inspire you to lose weight. I hear it rarely happens. Sounds like a waste of money to me. Buy it in the right size and you can wear it straight away.

3. Sale stuff - You know who you are...you see the rack of clothes all $20 and you buy a whole heap spending a total of $100. 6 months later AND... the items are still sitting in your wardrobe with the tags attached UNWORN - suprise, suprise. Would it not have been better to buy 1 item at $100 that you will wear.

4. Black can be boring - Don't have a closet full of black - its boring, it pretty much says "Hi I'm _______ and I'm no fun" (well pretty much). If your not into full on colour incorporate a colourful necklace or a pair of statement heels to your ensemble for a bit of wow factor.

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