02 December 2010

Further investments

The Skirt - Perfect for when you want to look girly and a great investment as they are so versatile - wear a skirt with flats and t-shirts for a casual look, or pair wit a floaty top and heels for a night out. You can find a great skirt from any chain store. Check out these sites for the latest ranges:
* Dotti (http://www.dotti.co.nz/)
*Lippy (http://www.lippy.co.nz/)
*Wild Pair (http://www.wildpair.co.nz/)
*Glassons (http://www.glassons.co.nz/)

The Blazer - I wear my black blazer alot. Its a great piece that puts an outfit together and is great for when you have job interviews for looking polished. I know Portmans always stocks a great range of corporate wear and their blazers are always made well (http://www.portmans.com.au/)

White and Black Tops - Simple? Yes. But do I need to explain? No! Where would you be without the black or white t-shirt. There always great to team with jeans, shorts, and colourful skirts. The only issue here is getting one that isn't too flimsy and see through (nothing worse) or too thick and badly made (too gross for summer). I've found cheap yet reliable and well made tees from Glassons, Jeanswest and Dotti.

The Cardigan - So many options - baggy, cropped, fittesd, wool, cashmere, sheer. The Cardigan can instantly change an outfit and can add a preppy edge to your ensemble. Always great to have on you when the weather cools down. The best investment when buying a cardigan would be to buy cashmere - yes this is expensive but it is a worthwhile investment as the material is beautiful and will last. However, if your looking for a cheaper version try any chain store at your local mall; theres endless options.

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