02 December 2010

Jean Genie

Perhaps the hardest item to find that fits perfectly is the denim pant aka the jean! A great investment if you find a great pair; but to be honest it is hard to find that great pair. But alas that is why I am here to tell you what brands rock, where to shop and which brands suck and not where to shop. You should definately spend a whole day trying on different jeans at different stores to a feel for what you like and what suits you.

For more indepth info about finding the perfect pair check out:

The lowdown on the types of jeans:

SKINNY: Are great for having as a dressier pair of jeans or even casual. Team them with peep toe heels for instant glam or dress them down with ballet flats just like Sienna Miller and Lauren Conrad love to do. Petite girls should always go for a pair of skinnys but thats not to say that other body shapes cannot pull them off as well. I am petite but look better in bootcut as I have curvier hips and thighs than the rest of my body. Again as I said before its about finding a pair that looks good on you and that you feel comfortable in. I've never been one to follow the whole Pear shapes should wear this, Apple shapes should wear that craze; because when it comes down to it all body shapes are different you can't confine someone to been a Pear or an Apple!

(Lauren Conrad rocks a pair of dark skinny jeans teamed with ballet flats - love the blazer and Chanel as it gives the look a touch of glam)

(Nicole Richie rocks bright red heels with her dark skinnys teamed with a floral boho blouse)

STRAIGHT LEG: The most versatile style and very flattering and are a great match when wearing flat shoes including Converse for example.

BOOTCUT: Great for girls that are curvier through the top half of their legs and on the waist/hips - these are my fav style and Wrangler always has the best Bootcut Jeans out.

(Heroes star Hayden rocks a pair of Bootleg Jeans with a lighter denim jacket - sometimes denim on denim does not work but here I think it does)

WIDELEG: Can be super flattering - you just have to make sure that they are cut higher at the back when going for a pair of Wideleg Jeans.

If your looking for a jeans that are resonably priced here are the places to shop:
*Jeanswest (http://www.jeanswest.co.nz/) - they have a fashion range and a daily denim range
*Just Jeans (http://www.justjeans.co.nz/) - stockists of their own label, Lee and Levis; your bound to find something here
*Wild Pair (http://www.wildpair.co.nz/) - stockists of Lee's latest styles; great if your the kinda girl that loves jeans and loves to try out different looks
*North Beach - stockists of about every brand you can think of - Billabong, Roxy, Ripcurl (great for the relaxed styles) Wrangler (best in Bootcut and Flares) and Lee (always top in the Skinnys style)

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