06 December 2010

I don't know who invented high heels...but all women owe him alot" - Marilyn Monroe

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES - Who doesn't love shoes? Below is a list of the must have shoes.

The Wedge: Probably the hardest shoe to pull off after the t-bar (due to it cutting you off at the ankle) - buy a cheap, nasty pair and they'll look, well kind of gross. The best buy in a wedge shoe is neutral or brown colours. I'm a bit wary of them in black; although RMK do have a nice pair out for 2010.  They are a great summer edition and are a must for any boho chick.

Where to buy: RMK (available online at http://www.rmkshoes.com.au/) or in NZ at Hannahs stores nationwide), Wild Pair, Mi Piaci, Overland

RMK 'Alexa' Black Suede Wedge $159.95

Repulic Wedge from Wild Pair $149.90

Overland 'Ursula' Wedge $179.90

Heels: My wardrobe consist of about 15 pairs of heels. I like to wear heel that are 5" plus higher. Yes it can sometimes be uncomfortable - but not if your wearing a good pair and have invested in some Scholl's Party Feet. The ultimate King of high heels is Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo - of course I can't yet afford a pair of these but maybe one day. For now I love Siren Heels (http://www.sirenshoes.com.au/) which can also be found at Wild Pair. The best online store for heels would have to be http://www.peeptoeshoes.com.au/

Peeptoe Shoes 'Miss Alta' $275.00

Siren Shoes 'Taylor' Heel

Jandals: A kiwi calssic (or thongs as the Aussies call them) - you can't go wrong with a pair of jandals (or 5 or 10 pairs :p). A lot of people love Havianas - I'm not that keen on them personally; I don't think they are any less comfy than a pair you can get at The Warehouse. My favs are actually from Cotton On and cost me $5!!! Bargain! At that price you can buy them in every colour. Billabong also do a great range of jandals every season with embellishments and they also have the best sandals around.

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